If you've visited our office recently, you may have noticed a change in our rewards!

We now offer our very own, Dr. Kim’s, extended range of wellness supplements, as well as our Wellness Center services! Packed with various antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to keep you active, balanced and thriving.

Stress Less

Supports a healthy nervous system and immunity. Filled with relaxing properties such as Magnesium, Vitamin B-1 and B-2.

Green, Green, Greens

This Organic blend of suggested daily fruits and vegetables intake is the perfect anti-oxidant rich supplement for anyone looking to boost their daily superfood intake.

Deep Sleep

This non-drowsy sleeping pill is packed with plant-based ingredients to increase serotonin levels to ensure a peaceful night of rest.


Filled with over 30 billion active, healthy bacteria to boost immunity, protect the stomach from indigestion and prevent bloating.

Vitamin D Prime

These soft, chewable tablets supports calcium and bone metabolism.

Omega-3 Select

This fish-oil based, heart health elixir can lower blood pressure, reduce plaque in arteries and reduce chance of heart attack.


This plant-based, gluten free protein powder is the perfect addition to any smoothie! Supports muscle build and aids in weight loss.

Salt Manna

Salt Manna is beneficial for controlled breathing, digestion, nutrient transport, oxygen dispersal, and nerve impulses.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Our Hyperbaric Oxygen Infusion Tank has proven to help reduce stress, improve physical, mental and emotional balance, as well as improve left/right brain synchronization. Now for a limited time, earn 500 points to receive a FREE, one-hour session in our hyperbaric tank!

IV Treatment Therapy

Our IV Vitamin Treatments are the perfect blend of nutrients to aid in the bodies' healing process, improve energy levels and lessen fatigue, as well as boost immunity. For a limited time, enjoy these treatments at 50% off the regular point value!